Patient Flow Process in the New Reimbursement Reality

David Yu, M.D., Medical Director, Adult Inpatient Medicine Service, Presbyterian Medical Group, Presbyterian Hospital

With Medicare funding cuts and the rebirth of capitation, hospitals must transition from revenue centers to cost centers, shifting their focus from generating revenue to cutting costs. Hospitals are finally realizing what fixing patient flow should have been all along: a comprehensive, strategic initiative that aligns all clinical departments, departmental budgets, and administrative processes to drive operational efficiency.

Hear Medical Director David Yu discuss how hospitals can leverage multidisciplinary patient flow initiatives to remain financially competitive in this changing cost-driven care environment.

About the Presenter

David Yu, MD, MBA is the Medical Director of Adult Inpatient Medicine Services at Presbyterian Healthcare. Dr. Yu is actively involved in Society of Hospital Medicine, and has served on several SHM national committees. He has also gained national recognition for his work on the Unit Base Model with Multidisciplinary Rounding incorporating Lean Six Sigma concepts.

Originally presented at the 2015 Patient Flow Summit


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