Build a Care Team

“With healthcare complexity increasing daily, traditional models of delivering care fail to offer a framework capable of delivering high-quality care at a reasonable cost.  The rapid expansion of medical knowledge makes it impossible for any single healthcare professional to assimilate and retain the up-to-date information necessary to properly treat patients.  Healthcare information technology (IT) can help manage this knowledge; by placing the patient at the center of the care delivery team, workflows can be constructed that best leverage each caregiver’s skills and the capabilities of information technology tools.”

–Written by Dr. Barry P. Chaikan, MD, MPH

You can read Barry’s entire article on building better care delivery models below:

Build A Care Team Blog_BPC 02.01.17



About Dr. Barry P. Chaikan

Dr. Barry Chaiken is the Chairman of Central Logic’s Executive Advisory Board.  He is the founder of DocsNetwork Ltd. and served as a Healthcare Advisory Board member at Aventura, ProtoHIT, VisualDX, Symphony Corporation, PanGenX, Imprivata, and Phytel.  Chaiken was the Board Liaison to Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Europe for four years and served as the organization’s HIMSS Board Chairman from 2009-2010.