Better Patient Flow, Better Patient Experience

HP, Intel and Central Logic

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Hospitals are recognizing that better patient flow management improves quality of care, resource utilization, and cost-efficiency.

At the core of patient flow is bed management, or capacity management. Patient transfer, for example, is operationally inseparable from capacity management, because proper patient placement depends on what beds are available. Gaps, delays, or mistakes in placing patients in the right bed, with the right level of care, can have serious negative clinical, operational, and financial impacts. HPdeviceswithCore

Making the best use of existing hospital resources is critical in light of economic uncertainties coupled with the anticipated growth in demand from an aging population and the newly insured under healthcare reform.

Even a small improvement in efficiency in patient placement and flow can have significant impact. For example, reducing average length-of-stay by just four hours in a 275-bed hospital is the equivalent to increasing the facility’s physical capacity by 10 beds (CDC).

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