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The ROI of RTI (Real-Time Intelligence)

A recent study showed 31 percent of hospitals plan to implement or upgrade a patient flow solution to improve efficiency of existing resources. Using real-time insight and visibility into patient and bed status data, hospitals can significantly improve overall care coordination,  resource utilization, and contribution margins.

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Optimizing Capacity: Hospital Experts Share Six Keys to Success

Experts from leading healthcare institutions offer insight into how hospitals can better utilize resources in their systems.

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Congested EDs Find Relief Through Patient Transfer Centers

Annually there are 136 million visits to hospital Emergency Departments in America (CDC). Larger numbers of patient volumes and longer wait times to be seen in the ED directly impacts patient safety. By creating and using patient transfer centers, healthcare systems can combat ED overcrowding, decrease ED patient wait times, speed throughput, and enhance efficiencies.

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Better Patient Flow, Better Patient Experience

Even small improvements in patient placement and flow can have significant impact. For example, according to the CDC, reducing average length-of-stay by just four hours in a 275-bed hospital is the equivalent to increasing the facility’s physical capacity by 10 beds.

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Patient Transfer Center Design: Regional vs. Centralized

Pioneering facilities nationwide are utilizing transfer centers as a hub for patient referrals to enhance patient care and contribute to financial performance.

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