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“Rapid Transformation” Patient Flow Initiative

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center was experiencing significant patient flow issues before it embarked on a rapid transformation program. What were the keys to improving physician order times and bed assignments? What were the changes to physician workflows and culture? How did the hospital get the medical staff to buy into the program? You’ll get […]

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Integrating Secure Texting into Your Transfer Center

The ability to communicate securely and efficiently is a core requirement of a patient transfer center.  As this presentation will make clear, a texting system can contribute to this objective. But it also comes with risks. Dr. Berkowitz sheds a light on this timely topic, explaining the benefits along with drawbacks and barriers. He also […]

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Speaking CFO: Bringing the Transfer Center Under the Care Management Umbrella

“How does the Case Mix Index (CMI) of the patients we transfer in from other hospitals compare to those admitted through the Emergency Department?” “What has been the impact of requiring a stop in the emergency department (ED) for all Direct Admits to the ICU?” “How is our length of stay (LOS) impacted by patients […]

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Value Based Care: Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR)

Under the Comprehensive Care of Joint Replacement (CJR), hospitals receive bundled Medicare payments encompassing all patient care costs from admission through 90 days post-discharge.  Clearly, the financial risks are great.  As you’ll see from Dr. Maser and Miss LeFevre, Atlantic Health System has instituted a multidisciplinary approach to achieving quality goals and reducing overall spend. […]

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Reducing EMTALA Compliance Risks

EMTALA imposes daunting statutory requirements, applicable to both referring and receiving facilities – with transfer centers caught in the middle.  What should you be doing to ensure the appropriate transfer of patients who present with an unscheduled demand for care?  In this presentation, Dr. Dinerman shares suggestions, specific to transfer centers, for achieving EMTALA compliance, […]

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Regional Triage: Adventures in Embedding a Physician in our Transfer Center

When your patient transfer center grapples with a demand for inpatient serves that exceeds available capacity, what do you do?  You install a “quarterback,” of course – a physician embedded in the transfer center.  In this presentation, Dr. Huntington and Ms. Mooney share how DHMC used the quarterback model to modify it’s approach to prioritizing […]

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Key Components to Implement Successful Hospital-Wide Throughput to Optimize Management of Patient Flow

Are there bottlenecks in your patient flow?  Throughput delays can compromise safety, quality of care and patient satisfaction.  You definitely want to hear Mr. Dunbar’s take on eliminating the bottlenecks across the organization, from ED to discharge – all grounded in his experience at Sibley Memorial.  Check out this presentation and you’ll gain a clear […]

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Take Control of Your Patient Flow Initiatives

Patient flow initiatives can go south for a lot of reasons.  The good news, as you’ll see from Miss Skinner, is that you can successfully optimize patient flow despite organizational challenges. Learn how to secure buy-in by socializing patient flow work and making the connection for staff and leadership.  You’ll also gain actionable insights into […]

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Centralized Patient Flow Optimization

Connie Wroblewski, RN, St. Luke’s Hospital, answers tough questions about a centralized patient flow system’s return on investment and how to move forward by drawing upon the real-life experiences of St. Lukes. See key benchmarking data and the financial gains realized by her organization, along with critical steps for implementing and managing a centralized patient flow system that yields consistently positive results. From designing workflows to providing oversight, you’ll take away a wealth of knowledge you can immediately put into action.

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