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Members of the Central Logic Resource Center receive unique access to articles, webinars, studies, and video presentations that offer insight into the latest in transfer center and on-call scheduling technology.

Hear from industry leaders and experts sharing perspectives and facts on various topics to provide greater understanding including on patient flow management, health management best practices, and maximizing patient throughput, among dozens of others.

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Build a Care Team

“With healthcare complexity increasing daily, traditional models of delivering care fail to offer a framework capable of delivering high-quality care at a reasonable cost.  The rapid expansion of medical knowledge makes it impossible for any single healthcare professional to assimilate and retain the up-to-date information necessary to properly treat patients.  Healthcare information technology (IT) can […]

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Patient Flow Process in the New Reimbursement Reality

With Medicare funding cuts and the rebirth of capitation, hospitals must transition from revenue centers to cost centers, shifting their focus from generating revenue to cutting costs. Hear Medical Director David Yu discuss how hospitals can leverage multidisciplinary patient flow initiatives to remain financially competitive in this changing cost-driven care environment.

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Discharge Process Reengineering to Enhance Organizational Throughput

As the management team at University of Chicago Medicine reviewed the growing complexities associated with providing patient care, they recognized opportunities for operational efficiency gains around their discharge planning and coordination. Hear director of patient logistics, Emily Lowder, discuss how they identified opportunities, implemented solutions, and measured the impact of their efforts.

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Why Hospital Administrators Should Focus on Patient Flow

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Transfer Center Overview: Memorial Hermann’s Approach

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Patient Flow: Where to Start at Your Hospital

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