Transfer Center Is Our Core Business

Our singular focus acknowledges the strategic value of patient transfers to your organization.

What is Central Logic Transfer Center®?

Many health systems use EMRs, spreadsheets, or even paper to manage transitions of care. They may think these solutions are good enough – but they’re not optimized for patient transfers. These solutions don’t offer a centralized approach for enabling and managing all aspects of patient transfers – which causes delays, errors, out-of-network transfers, and missed opportunities to capture revenue.

From the ground up, Central Logic Transfer Center® is built expressly to address the needs and challenges of transfer centers. Acclaimed for its ease of use, Transfer Center can help you streamline and automate the flow of patients into and through your health system. It supports key strategic objectives, including growth in transfer volume and revenues, reduced patient leakage, improved operational efficiency, and optimal patient outcomes, both now and into the future.

Key Transfer Center Benefits

Deliver Faster, Better Care

Align transfers with existing workflows so patients spend less time waiting and more time receiving the care they need, where they need it.

See Schedules in Real Time

Customizable, shareable calendars provide unprecedented visibility into on-call physician availability, preventing patient care delays. Spend fewer staff hours maintaining schedules.

Provide Data Visibility

Real-time reporting and customizable filters and thresholds provide leadership and clinical staff with the insight they need to make better business decisions.

Increase Capacity

Analyze transfer referral patterns and optimize operations to increase your health system’s volume of patient admissions and transfers.

Communicate on the Go

Messaging and integrated text paging lets you reach clinical staff on their mobile devices. Get answers faster and deliver better care.

Boost Satisfaction

Transfer efficiency and productivity improves relationships with referring providers – and clinicians and staff within your own health system.

Key Results

The results from our 500+ satisfied health system clients speak for themselves.


Volume Growth

Average first-year increase in transfer volumes


Leakage Reduction

Average reduction in patient leakage

Reduced Staff Hours

Average staff hours per month recaptured

Minimum ROI

Following Central Logic Transfer Center implementation

Implementation Steps

At Central Logic, we take the time to ensure that Transfer Center meets the individual needs of each health system we work with. We use a four-step process to ensure that your Transfer Center implementation goes smoothly – allowing you to demonstrate rapid ROI.

1. Initial Phone Discussion

Talk to one of our experts about how your health system hopes to improve transitions of care. Tell us the challenges you face, and Central Logic will explain how Transfer Center can best meet your needs.

2. Onsite Consultation and Report

Central Logic experts visit your health system to meet with key patient transfer stakeholders and observe transitions of care in action. We focus our attention on your most pressing clinical, financial, or operational needs.

3. Customized Implementation and Training

We customize the Transfer Center solution to your clinical workflows and specific organizational needs. Our goal is to make the process as seamless as possible so you can achieve real results faster.

4. Go-Live with Dedicated Customer Success Manager

When Transfer Center launches, Central Logic will be on site to provide the hands-on support and resources your team needs. We are a true partner – our success depends on your success.

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