Provide the fastest access to quality care for every patient while keeping your state’s health facilities operational and within capacity

The problem of patient access

Times of crisis—whether related to a pandemic, mass casualty events, or natural disaster—tend to exacerbate the ongoing issue of how hospitals and health systems, who struggle with high bed occupancy rates and the increasing demand for patient care, can provide the right level of care to the right patient at the right time, especially when bed occupancy rates are high and demand for services is increasing. 

Lack of state-wide process and protocols costs time, money, and patient lives

The COVID-19 crisis, combined with declining revenues and rising costs, has demonstrated that effective healthcare access and orchestration are not luxuries, but essential for ensuring high-quality, cost-effective, and timely patient care.

WATCH IT: Healthcare industry executives discuss lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and share how successful public/private partnerships can create a “system of regional care”

Central Logic keeps your state’s health facilities operational and within capacity

Understand surge hotspots and open capacity in real time and be able to identify, at a glance, beds, staffing, and PPE equipment throughout your state’s hospitals and health systems. With this visibility, you can direct patients to the facility that’s ready to care for them and balance patient censuses across the system.

Central Logic offers a holistic solution with a comprehensive set of tools to help ensure that patients get the best care possible as quickly as possible: 


Centralized enablement, management, and automation of all aspects of patient transfer, whether into, out of, or throughout the facility or health system


Automated, intelligent emergent and non-emergent transport coordination with real-time tracking and geofencing, so you know the exact location of patients in their journey to or from the facility


Regional or state-wide, and vendor-agnostic visibility to bed and PPE availability


Integrated and centralized physician and provider scheduling data that is visible to the entire state or region in real time


Real-time, dynamic dashboard that provides clear visibility into every facet of the health system’s transfer and access operations so you can understand how you’re meeting goals and can easily share metrics with governing authorities


Comprehensive clinician-led engagements with our team of experts, who provide best practices around everything from staffing and workflow to future pandemic preparation and response

Proven success: Arizona Surge Line

Central Logic worked with the Arizona Department of Health Services to set up a solution that ensures the appropriate placement and care of all COVID-19 patients throughout the state. Our solution enables visibility into provider availability, bed capacity, and inventories of critical medical equipment—resulting in faster access to care.

Be prepared: COVID-19 and beyond

The need to provide efficient and cost-effective access to healthcare remains critical regardless of pandemic status. Utilize Central Logic’s healthcare access and orchestration solution to help you manage:

  • COVID-19 and other pandemics
  • Flu season
  • Natural disasters
  • Mass casualties
  • Inpatient psychiatric hospital and subacute mental health services
  • Federal reporting requirements
  • Medicaid population management
  • Telehealth care coordination
  • Automated EMS transportation coordination

How we can help you achieve your goals

Software plus clinical best practices, process improvements & actionable intelligence

Keep your state’s health facilities operational and under capacity, while providing fast, quality care

Mitigate the spread of COVID-19 throughout your region by creating a regional access center

Real-time visibility to all available beds in your health system

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