Better outcomes are
built on
access to care

Give patients and providers accelerated access to your health’s system’s
full potentialexactly when it matters most.

Better outcomes are built on better access to care

Give patients and providers accelerated access to your health’s system’s full potentialexactly when it matters most.

Our philosophy is simple

We believe that the more efficiently health systems can manage access to care, the better.

What do we mean by "better"? Healthier patients, happier providers, streamlined operations, and robust bottom lines.

We help health systems operate as systems

As health systems grow and expand, better care and performance don't always follow. That's where we come in.

Central Logic's industry-leading expertise, strategic insight, and technology-enabled software help systems improve almost every aspect of care delivery.

We help make every minute count

As health systems grow and expand, better outcomes don't always follow. We're here to change that.

Central Logic offers the industry-leading insight and purpose-built software to help healthcare systems improve almost every aspect of their care delivery.

We streamline the path to definitive care

As health systems get larger in scope and scale, streamlined operations don't always follow. That's where we come in.

Central logic is the industry leader in delivering the deep strategic insights and technology-enabled software that empower health systems to truly work as systems.

Here’s a look at how we do it

1 Our client knew there was a problem


While one of the 30 largest health systems in the country was expanding in reach, logistics leadership noticed two concerning trends between 2016 and 2018, referral volume growth decreased from 13.7% to 2.4%, while average transfer time had crept to 198 minutes.

Rather than a picture of growth, their data told a story of frustrated providers, poor patient experience, and less-than-ideal outcomes that threatened the system’s long-term stability.

2 So we took a look under the hood


By request of the senior director of transfer services, Central Logic conducted a no-cost, in-depth analysis to uncover the operational imbalances causing these trends.

3 We came up with an action plan


We identified siloed systems, outdated technology, and a lack of data to track referral and transfer activity among their key challenges, and proposed strategies to improve them:


  • Standardize transfer operations system-wide
  • Visualize physician capacity
  • Develop reporting to identify trends

4 And a vision for how it could make a difference

  We knew that Central Logic’s solution could integrate disparate processes and technologies to bring enterprise-level visibility to the health system and make a significant impact.  
  • Reduce time to definitive care
  • Serve an additional 3,300+ patients
  • Add $26.4 million in potential revenue

5 Then we got to worktogether


The Central Logic team partnered with system staff to streamline processes, integrate with existing solutions, and configure our purpose-built software. After implementation, we stay in close touch to help staff measure performance, improve insights, and more.

But that’s not all

Since implementing Central Logic’s solution in 2018, the system has realized system-wide oversight into every aspect of patient transfers—supporting improved outcomes and better provider experience.


Reduction in transfer acceptance time

152 DAYS

Achieved ROI on Central Logic solution


Average reduction in transfer time within 6 months

See similar stories of system-wide success

For us, “better” doesn’t stop at the bottom line

Our risk-sharing agreement means that our clients see dramatic financial returns after partnering with Central Logicbut that’s not all we offer. See how improving access to care can impact every aspect of your health system’s operations and outcomes.

Drive strategic growth

Manage revenue cycles, increase market share, and achieve sustainable margins.

Streamline operations

Balance case mix, drive culture change, reduce labor costs, and drive referrals.

New! Executive Analytics

Visualize transfer volume trends and projections so you can understand growth patterns and make informed decisions on how to improve your bottom line.

Learn more about our solution

Our Solution Overview

Analytics Overview

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