We see beyond the
command center—
so you can, too.

As care delivery extends beyond four walls, health systems need a
clear vantage point to every movement in and out of their system.
Central Logic is that vantage point.

Our philosophy is simple

We believe that the more efficiently health systems can manage access to care, the better.

What do we mean by "better"? Healthier patients, happier providers, streamlined operations, and robust bottom lines.

We help health systems operate as systems

As health systems grow and expand, better care and performance don't always follow. That's where we come in.

Central Logic's industry-leading expertise, strategic insight, and technology-enabled software help systems improve almost every aspect of care delivery.

We help make every minute count

As health systems grow and expand, better outcomes don't always follow. We're here to change that.

Central Logic offers the industry-leading insight and purpose-built software to help healthcare systems improve almost every aspect of their care delivery.

We streamline the path to definitive care

As health systems get larger in scope and scale, streamlined operations don't always follow. That's where we come in.

Central logic is the industry leader in delivering the deep strategic insights and technology-enabled software that empower health systems to truly work as systems.

Our method is best-in-class

1 Let us look under the hood


First, our team performs a top-to bottom analysis of your health systemassessing performance, offering benchmarks, and pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

2 Then the work begins


After our analysis, we’ll work with your health system’s staff to transform your existing logistics and transfer capabilities.

With Central Logic’s expert guidance, best practices, and fully configurable technology-enabled software, your team will be able to intuitively manage every aspect of care delivery.

3 From there, the sky’s the limit


We believe that access to care can always be accelerated.

That’s why, even after our solution has been implemented, we’ll stay in close contact with your system’s staff to identify opportunities for improvement, measure against benchmarks, and more.

Because that’s what partnership means to us.

Our results are stellar

Minimum ROI
Average staff hours recaptured each month
Average patient
leakage reduction
Average first-year
transfer volume increase

And our clients are happy

“While we expected growth during the first and subsequent years after deployment. Mercy Connect has grown more quickly than we originally estimated.”

Robert Gavora
Mercy Medical Center, Director of Referrals

What does system-wide success
look like for you?

Boost your bottom line

Manage patient retention and leakage, leverage specific service lines, and drive growth

Improve clinical outcomes

Reduce time-to-treat, manage the entire continuum of care, and improve patient and provider experience

Streamline operations

Balance case mix, drive culture change, reduce labor costs, and drive referrals

Read Gartner Report:
The EHR Megasuite Oligopoly Will Result in Less Differentiation and Innovationand Higher Total Cost of Ownership

We’re improving access to care—guaranteed

We’re so committed to accelerating access to care that we back each of our agreements with a risk-sharing guarantee. See how partnering with Central Logic has made a system-wide difference to these clients.

How St. John’s provided quicker assistance for patients in need

Mercy Medical Drives patient transfer volume with just one call solution

Increasing inbound and outbound transfer center calls by 106%

New! Executive Analytics

Visualize transfer volume trends and projections so you can understand growth patterns and make informed decisions on how to improve your bottom line.

Learn more about our solution

Our Solution Overview

Analytics Overview

Let us look under the hood.

See how your system measures up to others in your industry with a no-cost, in-depth performance assessment.

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