The Ultimate Team Sport: 6 Ways Collaboration Can Improve Hospital Patient Flow

Sabrina Rodak published an article in Becker’s Hospital Review on July 10, 2012 featuring comments from Central Logic CEO, Dr. Darin Vercillo,key patient flow experts:

Capacity management is fundamentally a multidisciplinary team endeavor. Hospitals need to forge partnerships with providers both within and outside the organization to ensure efficient care delivery from admission through discharge. Darin M. Vercillo, MD, a co-founder and CEO of patient flow software firm Central Logic, shares six tips for leveraging hospital-provider relationships to improve patient flow.

1. Break down silos. The first step to optimize patient flow in any setting is to remove the barriers between departments and people. “Break down the silos of these different organizational units,” Dr. Vercillo says. “Bring in combination things like bed management and case management under one organizational unit to function jointly. Traditionally, we’ve seen a lot of these function separately and their crossover has been minimal. Best practice is to bring transfer centers, bed management and case management together.

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