Patient Flow Solutions Expert Central Logic Aggressively Enters Bed Management Space with Development of Central Logic Core™

Industry-Leading Patient Flow Software Provider to Release Intuitive and Intelligent Bed Management Product in Second Quarter of 2011 to Meet the Pressing Needs of Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — August 31, 2010 — Central Logic, the healthcare industry’s leading provider of innovative patient flow software, today announced the development and introduction of Central Logic Core™, an innovative and intelligent Web-based software application for bed management. Core, which represents Central Logic’s aggressive entrée into the bed management segment of the healthcare sector, can be used by healthcare facilities of all sizes, from small hospitals to the largest and most sophisticated systems.

The new product, first unveiled and demonstrated last week to industry experts and hospital executives at Central Logic’s Transfer Center Summit 2010, can be fully integrated with the company’s entire suite of patient flow solutions, including Central Logic’s ForeFront™ and Insight™ products. Core is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2011.

The development and introduction of Core is Central Logic’s direct response to the requests of healthcare professionals around the country for an intuitive and intelligent bed management software application that meets the needs of all hospitals and healthcare systems.

Unlike current bed management software, Core is designed with the user’s perspective in mind. Core represents a carefully-architected combination of leading-edge technologies and intelligence, with the unequalled ability to seamlessly integrate with other complementary software. The product’s revolutionary approach offers optional low-cost touch-screen capabilities to enable staff across the entire hospital to enter and retrieve data in a secure environment and eventually replace antiquated white-boards. Core also allows many different users and types of users to interact securely with the system in a way that is tailored to that user’s roles and responsibilities.

These technical advancements provide bed management units with an advanced, easy-to-use software solution that continuously processes data, and offers intuitive bed recommendations based on the unique needs of patients. Core thinks independently and provides users with predictive analyses based on historical hospital data. In addition, the solution is also priced significantly lower than other bed management applications, and requires less hardware, training and support investment.

“Central Logic’s foray into the bed management arena is a natural, logical progression of the company’s commitment to improving patient flow,” said Darin Vercillo, MD, chief executive officer of Central Logic, and a practicing hospital physician. “As the concept of patient flow management gains greater traction among medical professionals, and as hospital executives examine the effects of healthcare reform on their business models, health systems are seeking out advanced applications that resolve administrative issues associated with bed management. As a result, hospitals enjoy much-needed boosts in operational performance. With the development of Core, Central Logic is meeting the growing needs of hospital customers across the country.”

“Core’s release is one of the most exciting product launches in our history, and as a result, it will be supported by a broad range of aggressive and strategic activities designed to clearly articulate the financial value of the software,” said Mike Samuelian, vice president of sales at Central Logic. “Core’s extensive and advanced features, along with its affordable price point and decreased training time, make for a very timely alternative solution that can be used across the entire breadth of hospitals, no matter the size or level of sophistication.”

Central Logic Core:  Product Overview, Features and Functionality

Central Logic Core represents a revolutionary, 21st-century approach to bed management. Core provides all the functionality of current systems, but differentiates itself because it is built on a powerful, rules-based engine. This enables Core to offer a level of intelligence not addressed by current bed management software. The product is designed to efficiently communicate and interact with all hospital departments, including dispatch, transport, transfer centers, patient pre-admission, and discharge. Each of these important units can realize significant efficiency improvements through a sophisticated bed management solution.

A more advanced and intelligent bed management solution, Core delivers immediate “out-of-the-box” support of multiple medical facilities and complete integration with existing Central Logic solutions and third-party systems, such as ADT and EMR. The product also offers simple, seamless transitions for using legacy data from other bed management applications.

Additionally, Core offers the following features and functionality:

  • Intuitively recommends beds based on status and patient criteria.
  • Touch-screen technologies enable much better communication between bed management staff and unit staff.
  • Visually displays attending nurses and physicians.
  • Displays unit layout.
  • Identifies all empty beds, and addresses “bed hiding” issues.

Pricing and Availability

Central Logic Core will be available for deployment beginning in the second quarter of 2011, with pricing currently available through Central Logic sales representatives.

Central Logic’s pricing structure for Core also addresses wide-spread customer concerns over current bed management vendors’ mandatory and expensive upgrades to hardware and software, the requirements for multi-year contracts, and their reluctance to integrate with complementary, third-party software.

Extensive beta testing will precede the release of Core. To schedule a demonstration of Core, or for further information regarding its features and capabilities, please e-mail Central Logic’s sales department at