New Study Seeks Better Understanding of Hospital Transfer Center Staffing Best Practices

SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH — April 3, 2015 — Long-time leaders in hospital transfer center development, technology, and consulting services, Central Logic is conducting a study to better understand hospital transfer center staffing best practices. Hospital leaders involved with their hospital’s transfer center operations are invited to participate in the study.

“Effective staffing plays such an important role in the success of a transfer center,” said Jessica Berg, RN, BSN, MHA, Patient Flow Consultant and key advisor to the study. “This study will generate data that will allow us to better understand key staffing considerations.”

Transfer centers (sometimes called access centers) are designed to help properly place and assist patients across the continuum of care. Transfer centers support hospitals by coordinating in-bound transfers from primary care providers, emergency clinics, and other hospitals, as well as facilitate post-acute care and a multitude of other services. Transfer centers allow referring and accepting providers to easily connect via a phone call, share pertinent information, and coordinate tasks related to the whole care of the patient with quality and safety in mind.

Hospital leaders interested in participating in the study should complete a short survey found here by May 22, 2015. The survey asks for information related to existing transfer center staffing practices and for operation data. Information submitted for the study will be kept private. Participants will receive a copy of the summary report in exchange for their participation.

About Central Logic:

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