Healthcare Admin Students Tackle the Hospital Capacity Crunch

Salt Lake City, UT, April 23, 2013 – Central Logic, the industry leader in hospital capacity management solutions, today announced the winners of the 2013 “Healthcare Innovators” Patient Flow Scholarship:

  • Sean Reiter– University of Colorado Denver, Healthcare Administration, MBA – Winner
  • Polina Gorodinsky– University of Michigan, Health Management and Policy, MHSA – Recipient

Healthcare administration graduate students submitted research for consideration in the industry’s first patient flow scholarship. Submissions detailed successful throughput techniques, and gave suggestions for innovative operational approaches. The high number of submissions highlights the increasing fiscal, social, and clinical importance that patient flow initiatives occupy in the healthcare community.

“There is no magic bullet to improve patient flow,” said Gorodinsky. “Rather, to decrease LOS and preserve staff time, an organization-wide commitment to implementing and testing improvements is critical.”

Healthcare reforms create more patients; they do not create more space. As students look to their futures in healthcare, they embrace the need for enhanced collaboration, consolidation, and communication to ensure hospitals utilize limited capacity to meet increasing demands.

“The days of solving patient flow issues by simply adding bed capacity are history,” said Reiter. “If lasting improvements in patient throughput are to be achieved, improving communication across interdisciplinary care teams is paramount.”

Reiter’s and Gorodinsky’s patient flow research can be read online here.

Central Logic, an innovator in hospital patient flow and capacity management software, is invested in providing cost effective and patient-centric solutions for the healthcare industry. The organization supports students as they meaningfully contribute to healthcare improvement initiatives and sponsors the “Healthcare Innovators” Patient Flow Scholarship.


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