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Connect the power of unfiltered, executive-level KPIs (created with the data that is sitting in your systems unseen) with access and orchestration consulting expertise to transform your transfer center today.

Visualize transfer volume trends and projections so you can easily understand YOY and YTD growth patterns and make informed decisions on how to improve your bottom line.

Combine accurate, up-to-date analytics with consulting engagements so you understand how your performance indicators compare to those of industry peers and how you can incorporate best practices and ensure you’re positioned to differentiate and promote yourself in a competitive market.

Identify changes in leakage patterns, E.g., this health system lost 4.5% more cases than last year and are on track to see additional lost revenue opportunities.
Industry best practice = 60%-%65 of accepted cases should come from external organizations. This heath system is right on track.
Transfer Growth
A sudden drop in accepted transfers indicates an operational bottleneck or physician engagement issue that needs to be immediately addressed.

Recognize and reward top-performing physicians, and ensure that providers who are routinely denying cases are fully engaged with your access/transfer goals.

Physician Engagement
This health system will want to target Drs. Rogers, Acedo, and Caley and provide them with training to drive up their patient acceptance rates.

Identify the facilities hitting corporate objectives and those where work needs to improve in order to achieve your load balancing and revenue goals.

Accepting and Denying Locations
Castle General and Silver Regional Medical are two of the top performing facilities over the last 6 months, with low transfer denial rates and high numbers of accepted cases.

Utilize easy to understand visualizations in conjunction with advice from our access and orchestration experts to take the guesswork out of driving service line growth.

Lost Cases by Service Line and Referring Location
This health system is turning away a high number of pediatrics, oncology, and gastroenterology cases. They can work with our team of access and orchestration experts to understand why – whether it’s because they need a new service line unit  or because the physicians in these service lines need training.

Investigate top referring locations by geography to understand where and why you’re losing – and gaining – transfers and revenue opportunities in your high value service lines.

This health system lost  54 cases from their top  service lines in the last 3  months. Our team of clinician-led consultants can help them understand how they can decrease this leakage and drive up high margin patient volume.
Service Line and Referring Location

Operate as one

Is your health system truly working as a system? See how it measures up to others in your industry with a no-cost, in-depth performance assessment. 

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