VA Hospitals

Ensocare is now part of Central Logic

Combining forces to be the industry’s leader in patient access and orchestration, enabling seamless transitions to the appropriate care level and helping health systems speed the return to financial strength, improve clinician effectiveness, and ensure successful patient outcomes.

Helping VA Hospitals keep the promise of better care and access for veterans & their families

Ensocare’s automated discharge technology and care coordination solutions facilitate efficient referrals to certified post-acute care (PAC) providers which allows VA hospitals and medical centers the time and capacity to serve more U.S. veterans and their families.

Reduced burden of clerical functions on VA clinical staff means more attention to the needs of veterans and their families.

Increased access to services by more efficiently and proactively moving veterans through the care continuum.

Increased availability of open beds allows more veterans to receive needed and life-saving healthcare services sooner.

Added efficiency and effectiveness for Veterans Administration facilities

  • Cost reduction by more efficiently moving veterans to lower appropriate levels of care
  • Match patients’ clinical and psychosocial needs with certified post-acute providers
  • Interoperable with VistA and all other major third-party EHR vendors for access to clinical documents and care continuity
  • Improved productivity by discharge planners and/or case workers
Imagine improving response times while decreasing clerical burden and length of stay.

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