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What Is Coronavirus? (Johns Hopkins)

COVID-19 Fact Sheet (CDC)
Succinct 1-page Q/A on symptoms, how disease spreads, and what to do if you are sick

Symptoms and Protecting Yourself (CDC)

Symptoms and Transmission (Spanish) (Mayo Clinic)
Succinct guidance including a short video

Symptoms, Transmission, and Prevention (Massachusetts General Hospital and CDC)

Steps to Help Prevent Spread of COVID-19 (CDC)
Practical, concise information about seeking care, limiting exposure risk to others, and when to discontinue home isolation

How to Wash Your Hands (CDC)

What to Do if You Are Sick (CDC)
Practical, concise information about steps to prevent spread, preparing for a doctor visit, self-monitoring, and discontinuation of home isolation

Self-Quarantine Instructions (Nebraska Medicine)
Precautions for self and others, how to care for someone who’s quarantined at home

Considerations for High-Risk Individuals (CDC)
Practical, concise information about reducing risk, having supplies on hand, and having a plan if you get sick

Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting (CDC)
Recommendations for households with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases

Guidance for Managing Anxiety and Stress (CDC)
Practical tips for taking care of self, children, first responders, and people released from quarantine

“Flattening the Curve” Explained (Mayo Clinic)
Brief explanation and video about preventing a sudden influx of new cases

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