What Happens in Vegas…

It’s hard to believe nearly a month has gone by since the 2012 Patient Flow Summit in Las Vegas.  What an amazing week!   Thanks again to our world-class faculty and participants from all corners of the country.

From the moment Governor Mike Leavitt took the stage on Tuesday morning, till the last attendee left the JW Marriott conference center on Thursday afternoon, this Summit represented the highest energy and most collaborative discussion on patient flow ever.

It sounds like marketing hyperbole…  but patient flow has truly become a healthcare ‘crusade’ for many senior hospital executives.

Patient flow is finally getting the attention it deserves.  You can’t go a day without reading on one of the prominent healthcare websites about successes and improvements in patient flow – and how it’s changing the trajectory of many hospitals.

The emerging patient flow crusade has taken years to reach this point.  There are too many patient flow pioneers and evangelists to recognize one individual or one transformational innovation that got us to this point.

I’ve read that transformations like this are more ‘evolution’ than ‘revolution.’  They don’t happen in one fell swoop.  The change is taking place because thousands of nurses — and thousands of doctors — and thousands of hospital staff have worked together for years to make persistent patient flow improvements.

Someday, the patient flow transformation will be written about as if it were a sudden and dramatic shift in hospital operations strategy – 20 years in the making.

For everyone involved, the 2012 Patient Flow Summit was an amazing success.  But it is just a ‘patient flow crusade’ milestone – not the destination.