Tapping into the Best

Central Logic believes the probability of success with our products expands with the size of the expert ecosystem available to our clients. Therefore, we formed a company Executive Board of Advisors representing a cross-section of expertise and viewpoints that will help us better develop our technologies, understand our clients, and deliver increasingly beneficial solutions.

Barry P Chaiken, MD heads up the Board as Chair. He has more than 25 year’s of experience in the healthcare information technology vendor space, while also having served on the Board of Directors of HIMSS and as HIMSS’ Chair. He currently leads a small HIT consulting practice.

Working with our CEO, Dr. Chaiken identified several key areas of expertise that form “seats” on the Board. These seats include experienced professionals with specific experience in: provider information technology, clinician driven provider operations, small company business development/growth, and public boards of directors.

These advisors will guide Central Logic’s continued effort to develop, broaden and expand our solutions to provide greater visibility into the entire patient care continuum. The Board will advise the rapid need for change to align with IT security, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations, and policies.

How Dr. Chaiken connected to Central Logic is an interesting story. When Dr. Chaiken chaired HIMSS, he focused his 2010 annual Board Chair presentation on the use of HIT to improve quality and safety of patient care. About one week after his presentation, he received a call from an attendee who resonated with the messaging in his speech. Now six years later, this same colleague, a resident of the Salt Lake City area, introduced Dr. Chaiken to Central Logic and represented him as someone who could identify the professionals and skills required to grow an information technology company in the healthcare marketplace.

Only through diversity can an advisory board be useful to a CEO and senior staff. Rather than working hard for consensus, boards require a trusting environment where the focus is on exposing new ideas and points of view, originating from individuals possessing varied education, skills, and experiences. This open dialogue offers the company business insights unavailable without a group of trusted advisors.

In the coming months, Dr. Chaiken will announce the addition of new members of the Board. Rather than rushing to fill seats, he is working closely with our CEO to identify the best candidates, determine what each potential advisor brings to the Board, and determine the first tasks the Board will tackle in 2017.

The first face-to-face Board meeting is planned for early February and follow-on meetings are planned for about every three months. In addition, Board members will be available for “bedside consults” as needed by our senior leadership. We believe these informal discussions outside the regular Board meetings will keep the members engaged and further integrate them into the Central Logic leadership team. 

Barry P. Chaiken, MD, MPH
DocsNetwork, Ltd.