Patient-Centered Care Needs Engaged Communication through Shared Data

Mar 11, 2016

This article originally appeared on Electronic Health Reporter Healthcare systems gather a lot of patient data as care providers, but a surprising lack of coordination too often puts patients at risk. Tragically, that is exactly what happened to my father nine years ago.  A week before his 70th birthday, he passed away due to the lack […]

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Transfer Centers Offer Front Line Defense Against Zika-Type Viruses

Feb 23, 2016

Jonathan Morris, MPA, BSN, RN, describes utilizing Central Logic software to support his medical center during the 2009 Swine Flu epidemic. In this blog, he explains how Central Logic can have the same front line defense impact on the Zika virus.
“Because the transfer center process was the only entry point, we were the point people to support, track, and assist with the medical center’s Infectious Disease and Infection Control patient screenings,” said Morris.

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Founder’s Day at Central Logic – Our 11th Anniversary

Feb 7, 2016

Today is Founder’s Day at Central Logic as we celebrate our 11th anniversary as a company!   Now more than ever, providing the best care to patients is dependent on communication between healthcare providers – individual physicians, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, and others involved in patient care work.   And for the past 11 years, Central […]

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A Necessary Presence: Why Having a Dedicated Medical Director is Critical to Transfer Center Success

Having a physician as the transfer center’s medical director will help clear the way for your agents or nurses to do their work in a more effective and efficient manner. Your staff will appreciate knowing that they are fully supported in their day-to-day work and that they have means to escalate patient care to the top of the priority list when the need arises. Read more to learn why a dedicated medical director is a necessary presence in your transfer center.

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Utilizing your Transfer Center for Successful Population Health Management

Population health management is not just about shifting our collective focus to outpatient care. It is also about successfully expending the resources that we already have to effectively manage patients who possess high potential for repeat inpatient care needs. The transfer center is perfectly positioned to not only take inbound patient requests, but also to effectively manage and track outbound calls to patients who have a high likelihood of readmission.

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Discharges Don’t Create More Beds

Feb 27, 2015 | ,

Discharges are important, but maybe not for the reasons you may think. A lack of discharge awareness can lead to making bad decisions in the moment. However, the ability to predict capacity in the next 4-8 hours can lead to more effective deployment of resources, optimal patient placement, and ultimately, smoother patient flow.

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Your Transfer Center’s GPS…On-call Scheduling!

If you’re lost in a new city, would you rather pull out a paper map or your trusted GPS to help guide you? Well, just like we would want the best technology to give us directions, we also need the best technology to guide our transfer centers. Electronic on-call scheduling is like your transfer center’s GPS in that it provides you with real-time updated information and it evades scrambling through potentially outdated paper copies of the same information. These applications help your transfer center to provide the best, most prompt care possible for your patients.

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What’s the Magic Number? Tell us your Staffing Stories that Lead to Access Center Success!

Hospital systems are in a crunch to provide better care to patients with ever-dwindling resources. In access centers across the country, one of the most frequently asked questions is concerning the best number of people to hire for a job well done. I have made it a goal to dive deeper into this question and try to establish baseline benchmarking numbers for access center success.

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An argument for marrying your Bed Management Office and Transfer Center Operations

In order to have patient flow success, a hospital’s bed management office and transfer center operations must work together. Are you wondering how your hospital could achieve better patient flow? Answer the questions in the article about your hospital’s bed placement functions and see if marrying your bed management office and transfer center would help improve patient flow.

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The Power of A3 Thinking: Stop Solving the Wrong Problems

When the process of A3 thinking is applied to one’s everyday problem solving skills they’ll be more successful at solving the “right” problems. In this article, Harrington explains the seven steps that encompass A3 thinking. Read to learn how you can clearly and objectively define problems and create lasting solutions.

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