Healthcare Hot Topics: What are we to think?

Jan 27, 2012 |

Meaningful Use! ACO! Healthcare reform! The healthcare world continues to shout these, and other hot topics, from the rooftops. What are we to think?


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Managing Capacity and Hospital-Wide Patient Flow with Daily Bed Huddle and Bed Meeting

Nov 9, 2011 |

“If we could just… – (fill in blank with) – ‘get our patients out by noon’ or ‘get the physicians to round early’ or ‘get discharge orders earlier’ we could improve our patient flow.”  I don’t disagree with any of these concepts, and if you can actually accomplish all three simultaneously, you may be successful in improving patient flow in some units, but not hospital–wide.


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Family Experiences in Patient Transfers

In my hospital-based, internal medicine practice, I see a broad spectrum of patients that range in age and acuity levels who suffer from a wide variety of disease processes. Communication between medical staff and family and friends is vital, especially so with critically ill patients. For family members, nothing is more stressful than watching and waiting while a loved one hovers near death.


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Central Logic and HP Together at HIMSS11

Feb 21, 2011 |

The recent HIMSS conference in Orlando was a tremendous success for Central Logic. We were fortunate to partner with Hewlett-Packard in its booth and demonstrate our new line of Central Logic Core™ bed management products across the HP line of TouchSmart™ products. This included HP’s 42” TouchSmart monitor, the HP 9100 TouchSmart All-in-One PC and also the HP SLATE 500 handheld device.

Besides being featured as the “killer app” in HP’s booth, it was very exciting…

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Operation of a Transfer Center: Clinical vs. Non-Clinical Staff

There appears to be some debate over whether to use clinical staff (RNs) or non-clinical staff when operating a Transfer Center. However, there is a growing trend to use clinical staff in Transfer Centers rather than non-clinical as a best practice for several reasons. But before I discuss the rationale of using clinical staff, the Transfer Center Director must first understand their hospital’s primary reasons and objectives for establishing a Transfer Center.


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Call Center vs. Transfer Center – Should there be a dividing line?

In just four short months with Central Logic, I have observed and discussed the designs of specific Transfer Centers/Call Centers with directors and managers while training them to use the ForeFront software at their facilities.  It is interesting to hear the goals and objectives they each have, as well as to learn the history behind their development.


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Transfer Centers Becoming the Hub of Patient Flow

At our annual Patient Transfer Summit this year, I introduced the concept of the transfer center as the hub of the patient flow process. This is a trend I am seeing more and more across the country, and the consensus of various panels and committees at the conference only confirmed this movement.

It is a natural growth process for both transfer centers and also for the unique people that run them. Transfer centers are born from a variety of origins including the ED, transport, nursing …

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Thoughts from the Houston Leadership Workshop

I continue to be amazed and interested in the many unique workflow designs and processes of Transfer Centers and Patient Placement/Bed Control Departments. They’re intriguing in how they function and communicate internally and with each other–and in how they function and communicate with external customers (i.e., referring facilities, internal nursing units, etc). Whether these two access departments for a hospital are part of the same management structure, may potentially be managed …


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The Nature of Transfer Centers as a Concierge Business

As a physician in a regional medical center, I am often called upon to evaluate and treat patients who are in an unstable state. The diagnoses vary, and include STEMI, strokes, septic shock, trauma, hemorrhage, and much more. The patients may come from direct admissions, ED evaluations, or consults. In my previous work at a major tertiary care and level one trauma center, managing such cases was an orchestrated symphony of experienced sub-specialists, domain experts, and ultra-modern equipmen…


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Capturing with Call Recording

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, with its fabulous leadership and devoted staff, is our newest client. One of the more interesting parts of training trip came from its use of the integrated Call Recording module in ForeFront.

Upon arriving at the hospital, I installed the ForeFront Call Recording software onto the machines and conducted a few practice scenarios. We ran through the tests perfectly with the nurses until they felt confident enough in knowing how the software functioned….

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