No Time to Wait: Patient Connect is the “NOW” Solution

I find no small bit of irony in the word play: patients and patience. Rarely do hospital patients have time to be, well, patient. Rather than having the luxury of time, they need efficient, immediate care. Patients need providers to take real-time, impactful action using data from both in and outside the hospital’s four walls, or delayed and sub-optimal care may result.

Filling the Cracks of Patient Transitions

Patients too often “slip through the cracks” in transitions of care because communication can be inefficient, slow and often disjointed. We all know this results in dissatisfaction at best and increased risk and adverse events, which can cause harm or death, at worst.


Central Logic Patient Connect is the game changing platform for hospitals to coordinate efforts with providers and optimize post-acute care. By improving a patient’s care coordination, patient navigation and communication in real time, hospitals and all providers involved can ensure the best outcomes through greater visibility.

Patient Connect is a new, web-based technology that operationalizes care coordination. It provides sorely needed and comprehensive visibility to key data from inside and outside a hospital’s four walls. It uses in-depth information not available in any other system and sophisticated analytics to risk stratify patients, identify potential treatment failures, and predict readmission and frequent-use risk.

Patient navigators easily follow the most appropriate patients with Patient Connect, naturally mitigate risk through interaction, and are coached in a standardized way to address even the most subtle issues. By monitoring patient activity in real time, care coordinators can identify and take appropriate action for patients when admitted to an emergency department, urgent-care facility or any other network location. With Patient Connect, systems can see and take action without delay, instead of days after the fact which is our current, less-than-effective norm.

Documentation is vital in all patient-provider interactions. However, most hospitals today have disjointed, non-standard and highly variable interactions throughout the patient follow-up journey. This results in an inaccurate representation of the actual exchange and thread of communication. Critical information — such as medication compliance, follow up with providers, post-op and post-stay status, and the level of the patient’s comprehension of education and discharge orders — must be evaluated and reported. Patient Connect optimizes all of this with standardized patient interactions, advanced real-time dashboards, reporting, and analytics to easily review operational strengths and weaknesses, and individual at-risk cases.

Patients no longer have to be unnecessarily patient because with Patient Connect, care coordination happens in real time, improving their overall experience. Similarly, immediacy is not only key for patients, but for providers. This instant access to critical data and information is the Holy Grail for hospitals and health systems, too.

Boosting Hospital’s Image and Reality

Hospitals are “at risk” for patient outcomes after discharge whether they formalize risk sharing models (i.e., ACO, insurance offering, etc.), fall under outside “value-based care” programs, or continue in traditional “fee-for-service” operations. Each of these require hospitals to bear significant responsibility of improving patient outcomes.

Central Logic Patient Connect assures that each patient has personalized follow-up and makes certain that they don’t get bombarded with annoying, repetitive phone calls from disjointed departmental efforts. All parties are on the same page.

A hospital’s image is shaped by communication with patients and their families. That communication is best with direct, efficient, timely exchanges, which Patient Connect makes seamless. The benefits? HCAHPS scores go up, patient net promoter scores improve, and systems realize more financial rewards and fewer penalties because of excellent care.

Furthermore, as hospitals diversify their offerings, especially in the realm of population health, Central Logic Patient Connect helps hospitals take broad groups of patients (such as employee groups from large corporations, or sub-populations in geographic areas) and organize follow up based on specific criteria.  Patient Connect bridges the visibility, knowledge and action gaps between inpatient, post-acute, skilled nursing and ambulatory settings. We can now understand, collaborate and collectively participate in the care of patients across the continuum of care.

With competition among health systems at an all-time high and patient lives always at stake, hospitals, providers and patients can’t afford to be patient.

Central Logic Patient Connect is a crowning achievement that answers the urgency of today’s ever-evolving healthcare industry, and strongly improves results for patients and systems alike.


Darin M. Vercillo, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder
Central Logic