There is no shortage of operational challenges for today’s health systems: Admissions bottlenecks, inefficient administrative processes, limited access to clinical data, and so on. Failing to solve these problems leads to wasted spending on health care services, which has been estimated to cost the industry $1 trillion every year in the United States alone.

The transfer center offers health systems an opportunity to overcome these operational challenges. Efficient transitions of care direct patients to the most appropriate care venue, allowing clinical staff to deliver the right care at the right time. At the same time, data collected and utilized in the transfer center provides health system leadership with the information necessary to make informed tactical decisions and strategic plans.


3 Operational Benefits of Transfer Center Optimization

Many health systems are not realizing the true value of their transfer center. Here are three important operational benefits of transfer center optimization.


  1. Transfer centers help balance care delivery with operational efficiency. The industry’s transition to value-based care models, coupled with the trend of tightening margins, forces systems to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency without compromising the quality of care delivery. A well-managed transfer center allows health systems to make informed, real-time decisions about the appropriate venues for transitions of care. Patients receive the care they need when they need it, which improves system efficiency and reduces unnecessary care.


  1. Transfer centers enable health systems to address priorities that often compete for attention. Today’s health systems face various care delivery challenges and financial stresses. This requires leaders to balance competing priorities. When executed poorly, this process pits business lines against each other in a competition for resources and erodes trust across the organization. Optimizing the transfer center addresses multiple priorities at the same time, empowering health systems to execute growth strategies aligned across business lines.


  1. Transfer centers minimize the footprint of single-use solutions. The more clinical applications that a health system uses, the greater the number of vendor relationships, system integrations, and security risks that must be managed. Minimizing the footprint of one-off solutions is a priority for many IT departments. Implementing a solution optimized for the transfer center brings together functionality for scheduling, messaging, reporting, and capacity management, eliminating the need for single-use solutions and minimizing technical debt.


Why Transfer Center Investment Should Be an Operational Priority

Insight into transfer center operations enables executives to make proactive, data-driven decisions that improve patient outcomes, care delivery, job satisfaction, and financial performance across the care continuum.

Here are three important ways that Central Logic Transfer Center is well-positioned to help your health system boost operational performance with minimal disruption to existing workflows or best practices.


  1. Central Logic implementations are grounded in a secure, sustainable operational infrastructure. Too many health systems are using electronic health records, spreadsheets, or even paper to manage transitions of care. These solutions are not optimized for the complex logistical requirements of transfer centers – and they don’t provide the advanced reporting necessary to identify opportunities for growth or operational improvements.


Central Logic Transfer Center is a purpose-built solution designed specifically for the requirements of transfer center operations. We have worked with more than 500 health systems to design a solution that enables clinical staff to be onboarded in weeks, not months. Our solution is also designed to be flexible, allowing health systems to expand and diversify the types of transfers they accept without any heavy lifting. These features enable health systems to implement a cost-efficient and sustainable operational infrastructure.


  1. Central Logic provides real-time access to information. Central Logic Transfer Center aggregates data from disparate clinical systems and displays it in real-time. This allows clinical staff and executives alike to make more informed decisions in order to improve operational processes tied to better clinical outcomes. These include the following:
  • Reduced time to treatment. Streamline triage for potential transfer patients to ensure that beds are available for patients with the greatest need of tertiary care.
  • Improved staffing. Deploy an “on demand” staffing model to account for seasonal, weekly, and even daily variances in admissions, transfers, and discharges.
  • Optimized utilization. Identify utilization patterns and reduce ED admissions and readmissions by steering patients to the right care venue at the right time – especially for high-cost and high-complexity frequent ED utilizers.


  1. Central Logic supports business objectives by maximizing the value of existing investments. Your health system has spent substantial time, money, and resources to hire staff, implement technology, modernize infrastructure, and coordinate care through partnerships and affiliations. Central Logic Transfer Center allows your health system to maximize the value of these investments and better support your long-term business objectives.


Our solution helps health systems optimize their existing workflows instead of creating new ones that require staffing and process changes. Our solution also integrates with clinical applications such as Cerner, Epic, and MEDITECH. When clinical staff have the information they need to place patients in the right location at the right time, they provide more efficient care – which increases transfer center volume and gives your system a strategic asset to drive growth.

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