Central Logic Proudly Sponsors Women’s Heart Health Via Go Red for Women, Indianapolis

Central Logic is a proud sponsor of Indianapolis’ Go Red for Women, an event taking place Friday, February 24th, 2017 at the JW Marriott downtown. One of our own family, Haley Hilts who is Regional Vice President at Central Logic, has championed the cause. Not only has she spent the last few months collecting donations to contribute to Go Red’s mission, she’s personally invested in heart-health. Read why:

All you have to do is be brave!”

My grandfather spoke those words to me when I was just four years old and facing my first cardiac ablation procedure. His voice inspired me then and continues to do so today, decades later.

I was born with a congenital heart defect that caused my heart to race at 200-300 beats per minute. Most people with this condition are diagnosed as they get older, between the ages of 11 and 50.   However, I was diagnosed as an infant.

I took a variety of medications and wore a halter monitor so my parents could watch me closely. The doctors were certain – even after a second ablation procedure at age 10 – that I would never play sports.

With my grandfather’s inspiring words to “be brave” ringing in my ears, I was encouraged to set big goals and push my limits.  Despite the doctors’ predictions, I lettered in three sports in high school and earned a full scholarship to play volleyball at Lynn University, a NCAA Division II school in Boca Raton, Fla.  Now, I’m back home in Indiana happier than ever. Inspired by my personal journey, I’m enjoying a successful and meaningful career in the healthcare industry, working for heart health through Go Red, and just married the love of my life, Brian.

But it’s not been all smooth sailing. Three years ago, I began to experience symptoms similar to those I had before my ablation surgery so many years ago.  The diagnosis, surprisingly, was something different – inappropriate sinus tachycardia.  Luckily, this can be treated with a beta-blocker to normalize my heart rate and an implanted looping monitor to track cardiac abnormalities.  However, if my symptoms worsen, an additional ablation surgery may be necessary but by now, “be brave” is so second nature to me, I know I’ll be fine.

That being said, I recognize the vital importance of being an advocate for your own health and paying attention to your own body’s signs and signals. My experience as a patient makes me passionate about the mission of Central Logic to provide real-time patient data for improved outcomes.  I know first hand that it is critically important to place the patient back at the center of care – only then can our story be heard and seen across the continuum of care.

Please join Central Logic and me as we support the critical mission of the Go Red for Women campaign to educate women about heart-healthy lifestyles, fund cutting-edge research and advance awareness about congenital heart defects.  I have experienced exceptional encouragement and support both personally and professionally which continues to motivate me to just “be brave.” Together, I know we can make great strides in the movement fighting heart disease.

With a grateful heart,



If you would like to make a donation on my personal page, you may do so here: https://ahaindianapolis.ejoinme.org/BeBrave