Capturing with Call Recording

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, with its fabulous leadership and devoted staff, is our newest client. One of the more interesting parts of training trip came from its use of the integrated Call Recording module in ForeFront.

Upon arriving at the hospital, I installed the ForeFront Call Recording software onto the machines and conducted a few practice scenarios. We ran through the tests perfectly with the nurses until they felt confident enough in knowing how the software functioned. The next morning we went live with the ForeFront Call Recording module in place.

We all arrived at the hospital before 7:00 AM, anxiously awaiting the first phone call. About 8:15 AM, the phone rang. Everyone in the room was both excited and nervous as the nurse answered the phone. ForeFront Call Recording started automatically and the doctor on the other end of the phone began speaking very quickly, just as we had anticipated.

The nurse did well documenting what she heard and asking the appropriate questions. After she was finished on the phone, we listened as she played back the call. As you might expect, we found a few things missing in the typed notes that the recording resolved. The rest of the day proceeded just as that first call, proving what a valuable asset call-recording is.

Having an integrated call recording system for a transfer center is vital. With healthcare providers becoming increasingly busy, the tools to correctly capture and relay information the first time is key.