How Investing in Your Transfer Center Improves Clinical Care

Over the last decade, health systems have invested substantial time and money in technology such as electronic health records (EHRs), secure communication, and decision support to improve patient care. However, systems in the midst of these technology upgrades often neglect a key step in the care process – the patient transfer. Many health systems are […]

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Leveraging Transfer Center Technology to Improve Financial Results

It’s no secret that health systems today face a multitude of financial pressures. Amid rising costs for delivering care, procuring drugs, maintaining cybersecurity, and operating a labor-intensive business, hospitals must also confront reductions in reimbursements from commercial and government payers. Plus, patients who are responsible for paying more healthcare costs out of their own pockets […]

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Improve Operational Efficiency By Optimizing the Transfer Center

There is no shortage of operational challenges for today’s health systems: Admissions bottlenecks, inefficient administrative processes, limited access to clinical data, and so on. Failing to solve these problems leads to wasted spending on health care services, which has been estimated to cost the industry $1 trillion every year in the United States alone. The […]

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Bundled Care (EPMs) Assure Future Healthcare Business Viability

Feb 22, 2017 | ,

Bundled care is a hot topic these days. Also known as Episode Payment Models (EPMs), we are still seeing a plethora of articles, posts, papers and other pieces simply describing or defining the relatively new term. For a full description of the January 2017 Final Rule, you can find a 472-page, “light” read. All this […]

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Collaboration of Data Key for Healthcare Interoperability

Healthcare has been changing rapidly for the last 60 years and advances have now reached record speed, including in the realm of data intelligence. In trying to keep pace as well as to protect and advance their own businesses, many processes and systems have understandably been organized into silos.  That era must come to a close.

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The Five “Rights” of Patient Placement

Feb 15, 2012 | ,

As a patient flow coordinator at a large New England tertiary-care hospital, my team and I adopted the “5 ‘Rights’ of Patient Placement” as our guiding principles for patient placement . . .


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