Acuity Link is now part of Central Logic

Combining forces to be the industry’s leader in patient access and orchestration, automating the transport request and tracking process, speeding time to care in the best setting, and helping health systems speed the return to financial strength, improve clinician effectiveness, and ensure successful patient outcomes.

Intelligent Transport, powered by Acuity Link technology, transforms health systems’ transportation coordination process from one that is manual, time-consuming, and susceptible to human error to one that is automated, intelligent and efficient—substantially reducing the time it takes to get patients access to the care they need.



Improved discharge workflow


Acuity Link assists hospitals in reducing time to discharge a patient. We enable hospitals to align the arrival of the NEMT with the discharge of a patient, eliminating long delays in the discharge process.


Healthcare leveraging technology to improve patient care


3-way chat feature allows clinicians to monitor and communicate in real-time directly with crews in the field and their dispatchers.

Reduces transport request time by up to 75%, freeing up clinicians and administrators to provide more time and care for their patients.

Comprehensive data, reporting and analytics to better manage operations


Acuity Link captures the data that has never been available before.

We provide the critical information via an analytics dashboard, for executives and operations personnel to better manage their patient discharge workflow.

Automated request process for ordering non-emergency medical transportation


We reduce request times up to 75% resulting in significant administrative savings. We eliminate the telephonic request process, removing human error and redundancy.

Electronic medical necessity documentation completed at time of request


Acuity Link eliminates the paper medical necessity form, removing bottlenecks, reducing patient wait times, freeing up clinical and administrative resources and providing a digital authorization trail.


Easy to implement, train and use


Acuity Link implementation is highly customizable. We can configure our solution for any healthcare institution setting, from small nursing homes and chains, to hospitals and healthcare systems of any size.

We manage logistics for all levels of medical transportation

With the inclusion of Acuity Link’s transportation coordination process, Central Logic’s holistic access & orchestration solution enables health systems to leverage all their resources and operate as ONE. Operating as one means that you Orchestrate the process of getting patients transitioned to the appropriate level of care; that you Navigate those patients to the right setting for care, which includes handling all the logistics to make that happen; and ultimately that you provide health systems the necessary controls to Elevate revenue capture, clinician effectiveness, and patient outcomes.

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