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Why You Need Central Logic Transfer Center®

Nearly 30% Growth in Transfer Center Volume

Because scheduling and calendar data are centralized, your referring sites need to call only one number to arrange patient transfers. This ease of use has helped boost first-year patient transfer volume by an average of 29%, based on reports from more than 500 Central Logic customers.

20% Reduction in Patient Leakage

Improvements in the network referral experience, coupled with new operational efficiencies, have increased referrals and reduced denial rates, resulting in an average 20% decrease in patient leakage.

Five-fold Return on Investment

By increasing patient volume and acceptance, while reducing patient leakage, Central Logic customers report an ROI of at least 500%.

Our Solution

Central Logic Transfer Center® is an innovative solution to help health systems grow revenue, reduce leakage, compete in an ever-changing market, and ensure the best outcomes through next-level service and patient experience – today and into the future.

Our purpose-built solution presents data from many sources in one place, providing visibility across all of your facilities. With real-time data and analytics, Transfer Center users make efficient and informed decisions as they refer, admit, and move patients in, through, and out of the health system.

Central Logic Transfer Center® ensures that patients receive the exact care they need, where and when they need it. We reduce “time to yes” and set the stage for your staff to deliver the best possible care.

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