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Central Logic, the industry leader and an expert innovator in web-based transfer center technology, helps hospitals and systems measurably increase the number of patient admissions and patient transfer volumes while maximizing hospital staffing and efficiency. With reference accounts like the Cleveland Clinic, HCA, Sutter Health, Memorial Hermann, Providence, New York-Presbyterian and Mt. Sinai, Central Logic Transfer Center is the standard by which all others are judged.

Transfer Centers Managed Logically for Outstanding ROI

With integrated, automated report delivery, dashboards and predictive analysis, Central Logic’s reporting, marketing, and document-creation tools logically connect to ADT, EMR, credentialing, and bed management. Physicians and hospital administrators get critical, securely-captured, patient movement information for an actionable flow of quality data. These quantifiable, easy-to-analyze results – with bi-directional interfaces – allow hospital admission rates and staff productivity to rise while readmissions and patient leakage are simultaneously decreased. Logically using this data to streamline patient flow saves lives, which is the ultimate return on investment.

Real Customer Success Metrics

Central Logic enjoys a 95% customer retention rate largely because our company is more than just a vendor, we are a logical partner. We are expert and adaptable, intent on providing creative, streamlined, data-driven solutions. We listen, then use our years of expertise to create and customize a solution for individual challenges, if necessary. Our system provides more immediate results than the competition. In short, we save time, money and lives. Here are a few real-life success metrics.

  • $8,000 average net revenue per patient transfer
  • 25% reduction in patient leakage
  • 20% increase in transfer volumes
  • decrease in monthly denials and cancellations

Contact any member of our sales team for additional examples, success stories, and comments from our customers.

Proven Abilities

Central Logic Transfer Center powered by Central Logic Data Intelligence offers efficiency, reliability and repeatability. It aggressively measures every aspect of a patient’s movement and provides hospital leadership, physicians, nurses, and support staff with exclusive oversight and reporting capabilities. Our solutions:

  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Enable hospitals and healthcare systems to handle greater volumes of patient admission and transfers
  • Decrease operating costs including the transportation and staffing expenses associated with patient movements between facilities
  • Reduce administrative time associated with processing time-sensitive patient movements, requests, and care-related documentation (fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines)
  • Improve the overall quality of medical care, service, and treatment
  • Provide a robust data analytics engine to help interpret, enhance, and inform organizational decision making and action.



If you want to positively impact…

  • Hospital admissions and revenue
  • Visibility into payer mix and transfer referral patterns
  • Admission staff productivity
  • Confidence and trust by providers
  • Transfer times (hampered by a manual process with accompanying untraceable flaws)
  • Integration among current patient flow processes and systems

…then Central Logic Transfer Center powered by Central Logic Data Intelligence needs to be your logical partner. Let us show you our proprietary, rules-based, and easily customizable engine that connects data and analytics to change behavior and improve your bottom line.

Using the data from Central Logic Transfer Center streamlines patient flow

We help our customers save time, money and patient lives

Proven abilities to measure every aspect of a patient’s movement and provides hospital staff with reporting

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