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Central Logic pioneered the concept of automated hospital transfer center management software. After more than 8 years, our solutions still lead the market. Here you'll find the basics about implementing, managing, and optimizing an automated transfer center solution to support your hospital or hospital system.

What Is a Transfer Center?

Transfer centers are specialized call centers that facilitate the movement of patients. A typical transfer center coordinates in-bound transfers from primary care providers’ offices, free-standing emergency clinics, and from community hospitals into tertiary acute care hospital settings where a higher level of care can be provided. Using a transfer center, referring and accepting providers are connected on the same phone call and can quickly place patients at the appropriate level of care, avoiding delays in treatment.

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Transfer Center Diagram

Transfer center software empowers your admissions and transfer team. As your team takes incoming calls, they can evaluate what the patient’s care needs are likely to be and determine whether your hospital has the resources, rooms, and staff to meet those needs. Transfer center software captures admitting and referral activity, giving your management team visibility into trends, bottlenecks, and opportunities.

Why Do Hospitals Invest in Transfer Centers?

Our customers have consistently seen a tangible return on their investment to establish a transfer center and adopt automation software. Benefits of an effectively run, automated transfer center include:

  • Higher volume of admissions and transfers
  • Reduced “patient leakage”
  • Increased net revenues
  • Strengthened referral network
  • Decreased operating costs (due to increased staff efficiency)
  • Minimized risk
  • Improved quality of patient care (plus faster patient care)

To learn more about the value that an efficient transfer center can bring to your organization, review this case study about about St. John’s Hospital ($16 million additional contribution margin in the first year). 

Central Logic’s Transfer Center Solution

In 2005, Central Logic introduced the industry’s first automated transfer center software. Since then, our solution has led the market in functionality, reporting, usability, and return on investment. Central Logic ForeFront™ provides the best transfer center management package available. Our team of transfer center experts knows how to help you successfully implement and optimize your transfer and access management services.

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