Central Logic Patient Connect

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Central Logic Patient Connect is a web-based technology giving hospitals visibility to real-time patient data from inside and outside their four walls. By collecting key data points, Central Logic Patient Connect, standardizes processes, centralizes actionable data, and operationalizes care coordination.

Comprehensive post-discharge patient management

SaaS and mobile-based solution


Why Is Patient Connect Needed?

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Central Logic Patient Connect gives hospitals visibility to real-time patient data analytics from inside and outside its four walls. The Patient Connect solution is customizable, collects key data points, centralizes and standardizes all information collected, and provides actionable data analytics via dashboards, automatically-delivered reports, and threshold alerts.  Unlike other solutions currently available, Central Logic Patient Connect is the complete solution to standardize and improve a hospital’s clinical and business outcomes.

Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

  • Visibility to aggregated and actionable data from inside and outside the hospital’s four walls
  • Gives hospitals the ability to identify and fix problems in real time

Discharge Planning

  • Allows hospitals to proactively plan for and manage a patient’s post discharge journey
  • Gives visibility to key discharge information

Readmission Reduction

  • Visibility to identify high-risk patients
  • Determines patient needs, mitigates risk, and assists in the prevention of an ED return

Value-Based Care

  • Provides a standardization around bundled payment process
  • Ability to identify, manage, and track patients that qualify for bundled care
  • Meets value-based care requirements and gives further visibility into key patient data points

Clinical Standards

  • Standardizes the most efficient approach to the patient discharge process
  • Stratifies risk based on hospital criteria

Population Health Management

  • Enhances the strategy and approach to monitor a patient population
  • Information about the patient is centralized and incorporated into one system producing predictive analytics

Patient Experience

  • Standardizes approach to patient calls
  • Streamlines the number of calls a patient receives
  • Centralizes a patient’s response

Quality Assurance & Compliance

  • Identifies and prevents clinical adverse events post discharge
  • Risk stratify patients from information collected outside four walls
  • Gives visibility to key patient discharge information

Care Coordination

  • Patient information is captured and centralized
  • Provides actionable data
  • Drives analytics and alignment with escalation strategies

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