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Hospitals and systems that use Central Logic On Call Scheduling powered by Central Logic Data Intelligence achieve measureable accuracy and insight into critical on-call information. Using a proprietary, web-based, logical, real-time approach to physician and provider scheduling data, Central Logic’s software integrates seamlessly, enhancing schedule accuracy by 20-30% and recapturing an average of 180+ staff hours monthly.

Save Time, Money … Improve Care

Central Logic combines and distributes on-call schedules automatically. Every change registers immediately as updates are made. The software’s communications engine handles all pages, emails, and text messages with data encryption and full transmission security, ensuring complete HIPAA compliance. Additionally, all information becomes a part of a longitudinal record, providing valuable data and metrics via a variety of customizable reports, in many cases in real-time, for administrative review.

Hospital call centers are often the central drop zone for hundreds of monthly paper schedules that must be filtered, collated, and maintained as schedules change. For a typical hospital, this manual labor can exceed 400 hours monthly and daily changes can mean a typical schedule is 20-30% inaccurate when it is distributed.

With Central Logic’s On Call Scheduling solution powered by Central Logic Data Intelligence, scheduling information for an entire hospital is entered only once and, when changes occur, they are immediately viewable to any users of the system with a number of customizable features including:

  • Calendars and schedules that can be shared, combined, and redeployed
  • Communications can be based on intranet-only access
  • Contact numbers may be visible or invisible
  • Information can be sent to any type of receiving device
  • Bi-directional interfaces (including sending print summary to EMR, pre-registering patients to ADT and matching registered patients from ADT)
  • Provides message receipt, increasing patient record accuracy
  • Immediate visibility and usage by floor nurses
  • Immediate accessibility by the Transfer Center

A Logical Partner

Hundreds of hospital systems already use Central Logic On Call Scheduling powered by Central Logic Data Intelligence and our other patient flow solutions for the many efficiencies we offer, including bi-directional HL7 interfacing. With a 95% customer retention rate, our company is more than just a vendor, we are a logical partner. We invite you to visit our website for specific case studies and success stories. We are experts and adaptable, intent on providing creative, streamlined, data-driven solutions. Our system provides more immediate results than the competition. In short, we save time, money and lives.

Intuitive, Customizable, Easy to Use

Central Logic is known as an industry leader and has deep capabilities in healthcare analytics and data. Powered by Central Logic Data Intelligence, we developed On Call Scheduling to respond to real world needs from firsthand experience. Here are a few examples:

  • Practice groups and specialties are empowered to do their own scheduling, including automated back-ups of downtime schedules
  • All hospital group and specialty calendars dynamically roll up into one “on-call” sheet; can enable a single view of all hospital call schedules, including missing shift and staffed schedule reporting
  • Online directory displays the complete staff and communication methods, including integrated text paging and private contact numbers viewable by only select people
  • Reports can be generated showing the number of pages sent to specific services and providers from specific areas of the hospital, peak timers of usage for day, week, and month; custom views for ED, surgery, administration, etc.
  • All communications are time-stamped with tracking numbers and a record of the message sent and can be printed or copied and inserted into patient records
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • We can develop a customized response to any unique challenge

An expert and flexible partner, Central Logic streamlines the healthcare workflow with intuitive tools designed in a logical manner that can be customized for a variety of unique needs. When On Call Scheduling integrates with other patient flow and Central Logic solutions, hospitals realize ROI in weeks or months, not years. This translates to measurable time and resources saved, increased provider and employee satisfaction, and improved quality of care.

Save Time, Money and Improve Care

A Logical Partner

Intuitive, Customizable, & Easy to Use

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