Central Logic Advanced Reporting is the next phase of data visibility for Central Logic Transfer Center and On Call Scheduling. Able to gather, store, and present key data in real time through dashboards and reports, Central Logic Advanced Reporting allows for better clinical and business decisions resulting in increased revenue.

Why Is Advanced Reporting Needed?

Central Logic Advanced Reporting delivers focused, valuable, and impressionable data that is easily understood by an entire organization for better clinical and operational business decisions in real time. Pre-defined visualizations including dashboards and reports allow for targeting specific business units and executives.

Flexible Dashboards

  • Real time, self-refreshing dashboards
  • Multi-faceted analytics summarizing customers, business sources, opportunities, and barriers
  • Maintain flexibility to change content and create new outputs

Performance and Outreach

  • Patient mix, payer mix, referring location and provider information available to make rapid business decisions at all levels

Highlight Successes

  • Understand and measure Key Performance Indicators
  • Identify outstanding performers and evaluate most efficient transfer scenarios based on provider and location behavior

Patient Experience

  • Clear and current data promotes better patient and provider experience

System Management

  • Decrease the time and cost associated with data analysis
  • Evaluate most efficient transfer scenarios based on provider and location behavior

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