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Central Logic ForeFront™

Central Logic ForeFront™ is a powerful Web-based hospital transfer center solution that helps hospitals and healthcare systems comprehensively manage and optimize patient flow. Efficient patient transfer services equal increased patient satisfaction.

Patient Transfer — Making It Easier, Smarter, Faster

Central Logic ForeFront™ was designed from the ground up to achieve integrated, automatic patient flow. It securely captures and delivers critical patient movement information to physicians and hospital administrators. This in turn gives medical staff the power to manage all types of patient flow, correlate admissions, and make decisions based on individual patient needs, doctor availability, and the ability to accommodate new patients.

More Effective & More Efficient

Central Logic ForeFront™ has revolutionized transfer center processes within the industry’s leading hospitals and systems. It easily replaces any outdated manual tracking or internally developed software applications. ForeFront™ allows organizations to be far more effective and efficient in their communications, system interfacing, and user adoption.

ForeFront™ Features

Patient Transfer Software

  • Communicate simultaneously between referring facilities and accepting physicians
  • Send information confidentially to any type of receiving device, including smartphones and tablets
  • Share data instantly with transportation and emergency departments
  • Receive real-time updates from all major technology sources
  • Integrate provider and patient database information into one easily accessible location
  • Enable views and edits through a Web-based interface that can be accessed from anywhere, any time
  • Interface with existing call-recording systems
  • Integrate with Insight™ Patient Scheduling Software

ForeFront helps hospitals and healthcare systems:

  • Increase medical staff efficiency and productivity when attending to patient admissions and transfers.
  • Enable hospitals and healthcare systems to handle greater volumes of patient admissions and transfers, a largely untapped source of additional revenue for most organizations.
  • Decrease operating costs, including transportation and staffing expenses, typically associated with facilitating patient movements in and out of a given facility.
  • Reduce administrative time and headaches associated with processing time-sensitive patient movements, requests, and care-related documentation.
  • Improve the overall quality levels of medical care, service, and treatment provided to each patient.

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