Central Logic is a proven innovator in healthcare technology for hospitals. Founded in 2005, the company is the industry leader in web-based Transfer Center and On-Call Scheduling technology that integrates with any EMR system and can provide users with a three-month payback on their investment. Its comprehensive patient analytics and real-time reporting ensures accurate data intelligence and improved care coordination and compliance.

central_logic_110 copyWith a 95% customer retention rate, Central Logic is known and respected in the industry for being a valued partner with hospitals and healthcare systems. Real-time analytics provide critical, actionable data intelligence that improve systems. The company’s technology and analytic tools are easy to use and flexible enough to customize and solve for the most difficult challenges. Hospital administrators use the meaningful data provided by Central Logic’s robust analytic and data intelligence reporting tools to help them improve care coordination and patient flow, monitor and manage potential readmissions, and realize a significant, measurable, improved ROI.

With more than 80 combined years in healthcare and technology, Central Logic’s leadership team is uniquely qualified to provide thought leadership in the industry. Executives share the most current trends and processes in sought-after white papers and blogs; and the company hosts events like the annual Advancing Care Coordination & Analytics Summit (ACCA, formerly the Patient Flow Summit), an annual conference held since 2007 where hundreds of industry decision makers gather for valuable knowledge share and networking.