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About Central Logic

Here at Central Logic, we aim to provide leadership and support for the rapidly growing hospital patient flow community. Leading healthcare experts and researchers have shown that effective patient flow practices and technology make a tremendous difference in reducing hospital costs and improving patient care. Central Logic enables healthcare practitioners to achieve these results.

Patient Flow Software

More than 8 years ago, our company began providing automated hospital transfer center solutions and on-call scheduling software. Our transfer center software, Central Logic ForeFront™, is the market leader and has consistently added millions of dollars to hospital contribution margins, reduced wait times, and increased provider and patient satisfaction. Today, our solutions cover the breadth of the Patient Flow Continuum, including a robust, web-based capacity management solution. Our innovative approach towards capacity optimization provides more flexibility than any other bed management software on the market.

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Patient Flow Expertise

We don’t just provide patient flow software; we teach hospital leaders how to drive process and organizational changes to enhance efficiency. We have learned that optimizing patient flow requires more than just implementing software. The best results come through reviewing each hospital’s or hospital system’s unique processes, systems, personnel, and patient profiles and then developing a plan to match the situation. 

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Patient Flow Community

At Central Logic, we keep the focus where it should be: on the patients—your patients. You are on the front lines helping your hospital provide the highest level of care in the most cost-efficient manner possible and we truly applaud your efforts. All of us at Central Logic have benefited from the compassionate care given at hospitals, and we are grateful for your dedication.

We want to help support you in your work. And so, we provide and sponsor multiple resources that bring together some of the brightest, most experienced patient flow thought leaders:

  • Patient Flow Summit – An annual event featuring healthcare thought leaders as well as hospital executives with hands-on experience with improving hospital processes. The Summit provides a positive environment for networking with patient flow peers.
  • Patient Flow Resource Center – A collection of presentations, case studies, video interviews, and other content focused on patient flow related topics. All available for free.
  • Patient Flow Journal – A quarterly journal dedicated to addressing topics related to hospital patient flow, the Journal features articles from a wide range of hospital experts.
  • Patient Flow Blog – A living collection of informal insights and observations from Central Logic’s patient flow consulting team and other thought leaders.